This is my english blog. Just for news in my Joomla projects and other.
I've just installed new Joomla! 4 Alpha 2. Want to be my Joomla extensions ready for J!4 release. If you are interesting - you can visit for details.

While I was working with my website, I asked myself: is there anyway to wrap <figure> element around <img> element automaticly?

For me the better way is create the plug-in. I called new plugin - Img2Figure. Now I can just add my images to website with proper alt-attribute and my Joomla will do all the work! :)

I added more card to the game "Odd one out" . There are 141 sets of cards in pro-version and 70 in free-version.

After Joomla 3.6.2 has been released, there was bug in plug-in, which has been fixed.

Please, update the plug-in in your site administrator.

I announce Bootstrap 3 Message Box jQuery plug-in. This jQuery plug-in creates DIV for messgae box using Bootstrap and uses jQuery.modal to show, hide and remove it from DOM. It uses icons for message from Glyphicons or FontAwesome.

I'll describe it on my website later. Now you can find it on GitHub.

I was registred to and now you can find all my multilingual projects here. And you can improve their translations. Welcome!