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Odd one out game for smartphone

Odd One Out is a brain game for children ages 3 to 6. It teaches to identify the odd one in a group and cross it out. While playing, little curious minds will evaluate elements, figure out patterns, and choose the odd one out. Children love games like this. They provide food for their natural curiosity. Colorful and simple pictures will be also of much interest.

Odd one out game for smartphone

Icarus: Fly High is an exciting adventure that will dip you into the atmosphere of ancient Greek myths. Control the famous character and help him make a perilous flight from the island of Crete.

You will face many pitfalls on your way. Icarus can’t fly too high, because the sun will melt his wax, and he will lose his feathers and fall into the sea. But he can’t fly too low either, because his feathers will be wet then, and he can’t gain height again. Icarus should also beware of clouds, birds flying towards him, fish striking from the sea, ships passing by and even islands with tall palms — he can get stuck in the trees and fall down!