Module shows you anniversaries of current day. All you need to do - just prepare your articles for showing and put them in specified category. Module checks current day and shows titles of articles, which became anniversaries at that day.

Easy to use and easy to configure.

Supported languages

  1. English English (en-GB) by Denis Mokhin
  2. Русский Russian (ru-RU) by Denis Mokhin
  3. Türkçe Turkish (tr-TR) by Ahmet
  4. French French (fr-FR) by Daniel

You can improve current translation or add new languages. Please visit


  1. Download latest version of module.
  2. Make base settings of module, using Extensions - Module Manager.
  3. Prepare one article per anniversary. Important! Change the creation date of article. For example, if you writing about your birthday and you was born in 12/03/1985 - point that date as a creation date.
  4. Put all need articles specified category(s). Remember IDs of category(s).
  5. In the settings of the module point remembered IDs.
  6. Publish module.


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You can download the latest release from GitHub. You can create an issue right here or view source code.